Dogs staying with us

I am also accepting dogs on traning, handling for a longer period or just for holiday when you can not take your dog with you. For more information contact me.


Some of our sitting dogs:


Tibaraki Day Dariyo Nando (Dej)

Stars at Sea Rayleigh (Ruby)

Rubinus Verus Best in Show (Bisa)

Stars at Sea Richmond (Rudi)

Rudi Rudi


Kra Kra Komarski (Kras)


Stars at Sea Pandora's Box (Lilly)

Lilly Lilly


Tylko Ty Toya Paranoia (Toya)

Toya Toya



Loving Red Jacinta Rubin (Rubin)

Rubin Rubin

Rubin Rubin


Sunsetters's Pleasure Little Treasure (Shona)

Shona Shona

Shona Shona


Li Tai (Li)

Li Ly