I have been handling dogs for 7 years now. As a child I started competing in Junior Handling and have gotten a lot of experience. In my career as a Junior Handler I have shown over 30 different breeds and over 50 different dogs.

Junior Handling was followed with showing dogs in the ring. I do my best to get the dogs trust and show him to the judges in his best performance.

As I am aware that a lot of dog owners would like to take his own dog in the ring and I can tell from experience that beginnings can be tough, I am offering personal training on how to show your dogs and also how to compete in Junior Handling. Depending on the demand I can organize these coaching programs also for a small group or can get to somewhere near you.

Handled dogs:

Grimmuss Du Pays De Sognes (bauceron)

Red Fox Shet (belgian sheper dog- groenendeal)

Athos (belgian sheper dog- groenendeal)

Lidok's Jazzy Jigsaw (rough collie)

Androma Ice Melody (rough collie)

Daja Bina's Joy od Strazcu Hor (bernardine)

Orchidee Peppersdegabritho (miniature schnauzer)

Art Marat Explorer (miniature schnauzer)

Schnauzerdreams Catalunya Triumfant (miniature schnauzer)

Bacci Best of London (miniature schnauzer)

Masaal Margi Gold Mine (schnauzer)

Princess Leia From Swiss Star (grosser schweizer swiss star)

Liberty of Monaline (airedale terrier)

Shadow of Aire Blaze of Glory (airedale terrier)

Anetta of Monaline (airedale terrier)

Braxton of Allstarman's Clan (irish soft coated wheaten terrier)

Žadi (basenji)

Sunsetter's Pleasure Little Treasure (gordon setter)

Rubinus Verus Absolutely Mine (irish setter)

Rubinus Verus Best in Show (irish setter)

Oakdene Kayleen (irish setter)

Loving Red Jacinta Rubin (irish setter)

M'Eduail the Temptation (irish setter)

Saoisse Red Nokomis (irish red and white setter)

Reddeer Every Breath You Take (irish red and white setter

Festa izpod Kuma (weimaranar)

Flanders Joy in Motion (weimaranar)

Victoria of Golden Duck (golden retriver)

Gaya Angels of Baranya (nova scotia duck tolling retriver)

Florestan on Time (boston terrier)

Buster Boston House (boston terrier)

Illiana El Balader (boston terrier)

Heva's Eden Funkytown Finesse (boston terrier)

Velvet Story Kaylash (bichon havanese)

Havana Melody Andantino Lino (bichon havanese)

Havana Melody Allegro Alfy (bichon havanese)

Arwen Harley Gold Hopes (bichon havanese)

Chivan von den Altlichtenwarther Löwen (bichon havanese)

Angeline Debby Gold Hopes (bichon havanese)

Art Attack of Pretty Woman (poodle standard)

Cinderela Sylena (kavalir king charles spaniel)

Nino de Angelo du Chanteau Noblesse (kavalir king charles spaniel)

Suri (kavalir king charles spaniel)

Kings Lucky Star Daisy (kavalir king charles spaniel)

Miletree Cumulus (kavalir king charles spaniel)

Zorro Rubinowy Skarb (king charles spaniel)

Stars at Sea Kookaburra (chinese creasted dog)

Stars at Sea Monet (chinese creasted dog)

Stars at Sea Pandora's Box (chinese creasted dog)

Stars at Sea For Your Eyes Only (chinese creasted dog)

Stars at Sea Fear in the Night (chinese creasted dog)

Stars at Sea Richmond (chinese creasted dog)

Stars at Sea Serrano (chinese creasted dog)

Sasquehanna Werter (chinese creasted dog)

Beyonce (french bulldog)

Abby Princess Chanell (french bulldog)

Black Betty Barun (french bulldog)

Green Mudev Mr. Zorro (french bulldog)

Mon Cher Ami Digne de la Mere (bichon frise)

Bini's Gorgeous Girl (bichon frise)

Action -man Lovely Tina (papillon)

The Value of the Moment (papillon)

Grace JP Lovely Sayuri (papillon)

Nightfire's Mon Chi Chi (papillon)

Avallon Black Jack (papillon)

Rarita z Ivafre (shih tzu)

Li Tai (shih tzu)

Agnesana Fei Long (shih tzu)

Titling Take it Easy (lhasa apso)

Lobsang Wish Upon a Star (tibetan spaniel)

Lobsang Smoke Signals (tibetan spaniel)

Lobsang Special Edition (tibetan spaniel)

Lobsang Bhagya Namcee (tibetan spaniel)

Lobsang Buddha Nying Du (tibetan spaniel)

Tashi - Gong Hollywood (tibetan spaniel)

Skyid Po A - Nan Liam (tibetan terrier)

Tibaraki Day Dariyo Nando (tibetan terrier)

Ci Ni Tag - Tu Kun Nas Bzang Ba (tibetan terrier)

Tseman Rinchen Ci Ni Tag - Tu (tibetan terrier)

Doegar a Rog Lövskärs Maxi (tibetan terrier)

Barri Burri Lamleh Aya (tibetan terrier)

Gold'n Copper Born to Run (afghan hound)

Cedilha Habana (afghan hound)

Karakush Cold Beer Hot Wings (afghan hound)

Ninochka's Zenos by H.R.I.B. (borsoi)

Ninochka's Aurora Akoya at by H.R.I.B. (borsoi)

Adelaide Aria by H.R.I.B. borsoi)

April Azul by H.R.I.B. (borsoi)

Bialka at H.R.I.B. Stepowy Goniec (borsoi)

Antonio Dall' Arco (piccolo italiano)

Sooleawa Bohemia Skara (piccolo italiano)

Little Dragons Orpheus (piccolo italiano)

Desert Queen Margarita (piccolo italiano)

Kuriirin Giovanni Gio (saluki)

Sheyda Karsziptar (saluki)

Zaccaria (saluki)

Tylko Ty Toya Paranoia (whippet)

Kra Kra Komarski (whippet)

Nerjede Grape Juice (whippet)