About me

My name is Ula Rozman and as far as I can remember I have always loved animals – especially dogs and horses. Me and my sister always wanted a dog, and in the year 2003 our dream came true as we got our first dog – Tibetan Terrier Brik. Brik’s breeder Tatjana Sirocic said it would be nice to enter Brik on at least one dog show. We liked the dog show very much and we decided to enter Brik on some more shows. Kaja handled Brik in the ring and I was their company.

A few years later, in December 2006 in the show in Celje, I entered and competed in Junior Handling and got 3rd place. I decided to start with Junior Handling more seriously. I competed in the younger group and later in the older group where everything was more serious. I went on more and more shows and my results in Junior Handling were gettig better and better. That is the reason I also started with the dog handling. At first I helped my friends with handling but later on started showing other dogs.

When I was eighteen I finished with the Junior Handling but I havent finished handling dogs. I go on shows in Slovenia and aboard, taking dogs for a training and showing. I also have seminars and individual trainings for showing and Junior Handling.


O meniI would like to thank to my mother Mateja Rozman for all the support; without her Brik wouldn’t come in our family. I would also like to thank my sister Kaja Rozman Hrzenjak, who helped me find information, new knowledge and experience. Thanks go also to my grandmother Olga Bobnic, who is always caring and supportive and to my boyfriend Klemen Putar for helping me and taking pictures in the ring.. THANK YOU! Without you I wouldn’t be here!!

I would like to thank to all my friends and dog owners for all the support and trust with handling their dogs. There is nothing better that a smile on the owner’s face and happy dogs! Thank you!!